Recruitment and training suppor

To ensure the supply of human resource needs and skilled human resources for investors in the industrial park, Tran De Industrial Park Management Board always considers recruitment & training as one of the top issues that need to be addressed. invest and focus.
We receive recruitment information from investors in the industrial park and link with recruitment agencies to ensure that the information reaches the workers and meets the human resources for the company. At the same time, there are always vocational training classes and professional training suitable for each type of worker.

How to receive recruitment information:
- Investors send information about vacancies to  Management Board Tran De Industrial Park (need to provide clear information about vacancies, requirements, experience, salary, working time and location. job...)
- The Industrial Park Management Board receives and publishes it on the company's official website and social networks
- Contact to post job vacancies in the network of recruitment companies.

- Support in training personnel at the request of investors

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