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Tran De - Anticipating investment attraction from the largest international deep-water port project in the Mekong Delta.

This is the gateway to open opportunities to link the Mekong Delta in particular with the Asia-Pacific international maritime route and in the future of Vietnam in general. The locality is currently attracting investment in all production - trade - service industries... Therefore, the construction industry real estate in Tran De is heating up day by day. Being an attractive destination for investors both in terms of strategic location, preferential policies and advantages of the investor's strengths.

So how to invest quickly and effectively, dominate this HOT market? In anticipation of this industrial real estate market fever, Ha Thanh Investor officially opens the door to welcome investors to Tran De Industrial Complex to relieve the thirst for land fund for industrial real estate as well as the concerns of customers. Where does the attraction of oil come from?

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of investment and infrastructure construction in the field of Real Estate, Ha Thanh Group has affirmed itself a prestigious brand and rose to become the leading investor in the North. Ha Thanh Group has been a reliable partner of hundreds of businesses from many countries around the world with a series of large works and projects.

Realizing the potential and advantages of industrial real estate in the Mekong Delta (Southwest region), as well as the huge demand for factories from domestic and foreign enterprises in this area, Ha Thanh Group has put in activities "Investment project to build and trade infrastructure of Tran De industrial park".

Tran De Industrial Park is planned on the idea of ​​building an industrial park associated with a seaport according to Decision 828/QD-TTg dated June 12, 2020 of the Prime Minister on a total area of ​​160ha in Tran De town, district. Tran De with a strategic location, belongs to one of a few projects in the Mekong Delta region, converging all advantages from 4 types of traffic: Road - Inland waterway - International seaway, and road air. By road, Tran De Industrial Park is located on the South Song Hau route (National Highway 91C). From Tran De Industrial Park to Soc Trang city, connecting to National Highway 1 is about 20km. Dai Ngai Bridge across Hau River is about to be built, about 19km from Tran De Industrial Park. Once completed, it will directly connect Soc Trang with Tra Vinh and Ben Tre provinces. Regarding inland waterways, (The North borders on Canal I; the South, about 360m from Channel II, borders Tran De Fishing Port Service Area (phase 2) and the East borders on Hau River). Regarding the international sea route, (Tran De Industrial Park is about 3km from the planning area of ​​Tran De international gateway port. When Tran De port is born, in addition to its function as an international gateway port, it will combine international cargo transshipment. economic.

Tran De Industrial Park is conveniently connected and easily traded with domestic provinces and foreign markets, helping to optimize logistics costs for investors, creating an effective competitive advantage for businesses, creating build a complete, synchronous and convenient investment and development environment.

Tran De Industrial Park also possesses preeminent competitive advantages from local authorities in terms of CIT and preferential loans, specifically as follows: – Enjoy the 10% CIT rate within 15 years; - Tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9 years, the period of tax exemption and reduction is calculated continuously from the first year of having taxable income from the investment project, in case there is no taxable income. taxable income in the first three years, from the first year of revenue from the investment project, the tax exemption or reduction period is counted from the fourth year (Decree 218/2013/ND-CP dated December 26th) /two thousand and thirteen

Besides, Tran De Industrial Park also creates a strong attraction thanks to the strengths of the investor. Ha Thanh Group is currently an infrastructure investor - a qualified contractor to provide comprehensive solutions for customers. In particular, along with the advantages available in the ecosystem Ha Thanh Group has built for 20 years in the Vietnamese building materials industry market, Ha Thanh is committed to supporting separate solution packages suitable to the needs of customers. of each secondary investor:

- Consulting and supporting investment procedures

- Consulting, designing construction solutions according to new technology

- Supply of construction materials

- Service package: "turnkey" to deliver the finished factory to partners in need.

- Ready to hand over to investors in a quick time. From there, solving investors' concerns about contractors, service quality, construction time...

Ha Thanh Group is constantly growing, affirming its position in the market and is the guarantee of quality for the investment project, construction and infrastructure business of Tran De industrial park.

Ha Thanh Group will bring Tran De Industrial Park project to become a symbol of economic development in the rich "Land of Soc Trang Pagoda", where it will form a leading coastal industrial park in the region, contributing to creating favorable environment for enterprises to promote production and business, improve production efficiency and dominate the market. Tran De Industrial Park

Ready to accept every opportunity!

Open letter

Dear Partners!

In Soc Trang province, one of the dynamic economic regions in Vietnam, Tran De Industrial Park is not only a pioneer in attracting investment in key economic sectors, but also an important factor contributing to the expansion of the economy. socio-economic space in the development strategy of the Southern region. Tran De is an industrial park with a large area of ​​Soc Trang province, with a strategic location connecting the national road, waterway and highway traffic axis, along with the internal international seaport system to help investors. Save time, transport costs and create competitive advantages in the market.
From the focus on industrial land with complete investment infrastructure to providing useful solutions, helping investors to develop smoothly and sustainably along with training and life care support. of employees, we have brought peace of mind and trust to each investor.
We are committed to constantly innovating in both thinking and working methods, focusing on investing in infrastructure and landscape to create a cohesive community environment, bringing the highest value and benefits to each investor. Select Tran De Industrial Park. In the new period, Tran De's door is wide open to continue to welcome investors who are interested in competitiveness, people and sustainable development, accompanying us to go a faster path. , wide and beyond!

Best regards!

Ha Thanh Group

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