Inland waterway connection

Connecting to Tran De international gateway port

Sea transport connection

Tran De Industrial Park is about 3km from the planning area of Tran De international gateway port. When Tran De port was born, in addition to its function as an international gateway port, it will combine international cargo transshipment.

Tran De port location is located on a vibrant international maritime route. After the completion of the Kra canal project of Thailand (Tran De is located right on the new sea route), it allows ships from the Indian Ocean to enter the Gulf of Thailand to the Pacific Ocean without having to go through the Strait of Malacca, shortening the sea lanes. submit.





Cùng chuyên mục

Convenient air connection: Tran De Industrial Park is only 83 km from Can Tho International Airport (more than 1 hour of travel) with the port's operating capacity of 2  million passengers/year.  
Road transport connection Tran De Industrial Park is located on National Highway South Song Hau From Tran De Industrial Park to Soc Trang city, connecting to National Highway 1 about 20km via Mac Dinh Chi Street (…
Tran De is one of five industrial zones under the province's development plan to 2020 with a total area of ​​1,106 hectares, including An Nghiep Industrial Park, Tran De Industrial Park, Dai Ngai Industrial Park, Song…
With a strategic location, located in the area connecting traffic infrastructure from road to waterway, by sea Tran De Industrial Park has an important position in the group of seaports No. 6
Tran De Industrial Park has an important position in the economic and social development of the Southern region.